Meaning of Prejudice

November 29, 2022Training0

To me, Prejudice is when we allow our Cultural, Religious, Racial or whatever other Bias or Preferences we secretly hold in our hearts to Determine our judgment or Standard for what is Good or Bad, Right or Wrong about ourselves, others or situations with Obvious Disdain for well Grounded Knowledge. To Practice Real Christianity, we must Learn to Live above our Prejudices. To truly Live above our Prejudices, we must be Honest with God & ourselves to first admit every buried or hidden Prejudice. We must then Remain Aware of our Motives, Thoughts, Words & Actions so that we can continue to do our best to make sure we Live above our Prejudices daily. The Key is to focus on Pleasing God in how we relate with others. The desire to Please God will surely help us to Confront & Correct our wrong ways before it’s too late. Let’s remember that God is watching those hidden Prejudices behind our interactions with others & He will judge accordingly in due time. (Romans 14:12)

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