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Sunday School 10:30 – 10:45 AM | Sunday Worship 10:45 -11:00 AM | Wednesday Bible Study TBD

What we Believe ?

We believe in the existence of God and His Holy Word to be the foundation of our faith. It shall not be moved nor be compromised.
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Service & Location

Sunday School 10:30 – 10:45 AM
Sunday Worship 10:45 -11:00 AM
Wednesday Bible Study TBD
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Watch RCCG Holyghost Live

By God's grace, we are glad to deliver an online live streaming RCCG Holy Ghost services just for you. Join us by watching live every first Friday of the month.
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"Glory to God! Our site is created to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world."

” Welcome to your year of ELEVATION BY REVELATION! This is the word of God for us to run with in 2017. In the Family of Generation of Champions, we are looking forward to the many mighty moves of God as He elevates us in all areas of our lives through relevant divine revelations throughout this year in Jesus name.
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What They Say

This is one of the most exciting parts where we get to express our appreciation as clients of this amazing yoga center. Thank you for all your hard work regarding our health and great mood!

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

Office Manager

If it wasn’t for your team of professional yoga teachers, I would have lost my balance. We have developed a restorative program that has been working to my advantage so far. Thank you and good luck!

George Gordon

George Gordon

Business Owner

When it comes to immediate restorative help, I know who I can count on. Being an accountant, you sometimes need time to get rid of all the stress. Great classes! I look forward to meeting you again soon!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee


Upcoming Events

Our new seminars are created finding inner harmony. All types of events.

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