Transformation Journey

November 29, 2022Growth0

The moment we became Christians, we began a journey of TRANSFORMATION which continues daily. The journey is so we can become more like Christ, to be suitable for our Destiny here & to make it to our Destination in eternity. We are not on a fanfare at all. Sadly, many of us have been trained wrongly by people, situations & experiences in our past. We have been taught ways contrary to our destiny or purpose.

The enemy through the systems of the WORLD has had sort of a head start coaching us with many wrong & destructive habits that will never allow us become who God wants us to be unless we identify & change those habits. We thank God for Christ’s WORD, WILL, WISDOM & WAYS He has given us to help retrain & teach us aright for our destiny or purpose. It is now our own responsibility to intentionally submit to Christ & His ways to teach us right daily so we can fulfill our Destiny here & reach our Destination in eternity. Hear this:

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Romans 12:2) NLT

If we continue to willfully rebel against Christ & His ways rather than to surrender, we will continue to hurt our chances of ever becoming all God wants us to be or even our chances of spending eternity in heaven with Christ. The way of the WORLD doesn’t have anything good to offer Christians. Only the way of the WORD does. It is time to let Christ & His WORD take their rightful place in our lives. Our future here & in eternity depend on this.♥️

This message was so strong upon my heart earlier today. We are all very familiar with GPS aren’t we? We use them to find our way to get to our destination. Some are reliable while some are not. I like the one I use now which is an app on my phone. It is pretty cool. Accurate with time & the direction most of the time. If you have ever misread the direction from your GPS & gotten lost, you will know that the only solution is to let the GPS reroute you. If it is up to date & a good one, it will get you back. You may loose a little time but it will surely be better than loosing confidence in the GPS & trying to find your way by yourself when you don’t know the way. On my way to a certain place I went yesterday, I got lost several times for many reasons but at every point in time, the GPS got me back on track. I allowed it to guide me back. I fell short of the original time by a few minutes but I still made it there on time

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